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Ride this classic mid length style board as a twin fin, as a 2+1 or as a single fin. It's up to you.

A fun board that's very capable of riding a wide variety of waves but really excels on more open faces and slower, softer waves

A great board for beginner or intermediate surfers looking to improve their surfing, or advanced surfers who are just looking for something to cruise on and make the more ordinary days more fun.

Our unique FUTURE FORM bottom contour gives it that buttery smooth feeling under the feet, allowing beautifully smooth rail to rail transitions and extra glide from the more dynamic water flow that it creates.


Surf it anywhere from 6'6" - 8'0"

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Right when we started making these as single fins with side bites, I was already thinking how good it would go as a twin.


And so now you can ride it as a twin fin, as a single fin with side bites, or even as a straight up single fin.


I tend to surf mine when the surf's a bit ordinary or for enjoying the waves when they're smaller and softer


and i just want to cruise and glide through the sections.


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