The paddle power, smooth acceleration and easy turning of these boards is the result of countless Indo and Hawaii seasons, extended WA desert sojourns, and charging reefs from Victoria all the way to remote Pacific corners.


If you’re looking for a board to make larger, more challenging waves easier and more fun, then this is what you need.

And we make these not to break. Over the last 10 years of pushing it to the limits in Indo, Jim has taken countless serious beatings but only broken one board...


This is the ultimate surfing limo.


A smooth and powerful board that’s extremely easy to surf, no matter whether you’re gliding stylishly through waist high beach breaks or getting in early and being totally in control when the point is double overhead.


And you can surf it as a classic single fin or as a finely tuned quad.


Its the sort of board that always look killer under your arm, so be prepared for a little extra attention as you stroll across the sand....


Built for better days up from head high to double overhead, these boards continually surprise me with just how well they surf in smaller average waves, making them an essential board for a surf trip.


One of these, a twin keel fish and a nice single fin and you’d have it covered for everything from 1’ mush up to double overhead chunky barrels.

Now with the new improved Full Length Vee bottom contour.


Feel like making a soul surfing statement? Take just one of these on a surf trip and surprise everyone with how well this board handles almost any sort of conditions.


Although this finely tuned, smooth gliding single fin is designed for better quality waves, you'll surprise everyone with just how nicely it surfs on lesser days.


Now with the new improved Full Length Vee bottom contour.

What goes into the perfect gun?


I paddle everything, so I need my boards need to get me in easy. There's a few things that come in to play with this. Foam distribution is a big one. Over the year's I've spent a lot of time working on foam distribution within the boards. Recently I've found ways to substantially improve the board's ability to catch waves without messing up the balance of the board under your feet when you're riding it.


Once that’s out of the way it's the bottom turn. A big wave board needs to be able to do serious ground covering bottom turns, especially if you’re being chased down by a freight train. You need to be able to put your foot down and tap into some serious acceleration so you don’t get obliterated by the lip and wear the next 10 waves on the head. Or if you’re feeling it and the wave’s feeling you, pull a tight powerful turn to put you right back up in the hook.

One of the areas that I’m always working on with boards for bigger waves is the top turn. Once you get to the top, the board needs to be able to pull a smooth tight carve without losing speed or feeling stiff, so you don’t get stuck up there and end up exploring the bottom of the reef with your face. One of the things that I really like about the quads is not just the improved speed off the bottom and acceleration across the face, but also how much easier they are to turn off the top. Previous concave versions did this really nicely, however there was still a subtle tendency to oversteer at times, and this is what I’m really loving about the FLV’s. They don’t do this and feel more balanced through the turn.

I really love it when boards make it easy for me to do whatever I want to do, and the latest versions of my boards for bigger waves have actually even been surprising me with just how easy they make it. Almost feels like cheating at times!


I know that many of you already have various versions of my bigger wave boards and thanks for all the great feedback on them. I’m pleased to say that the latest versions of my bigger wave boards are a happy evolution of my life long long quest to make surfing easier and more fun, regardless of what the ocean is throwing at us.


If you’re interested in updating your quiver we’re taking orders now. Order book isn’t open for long though. If you’re not sure what board, give us a shout we’ll workout the perfect model and dimensions to suit your needs.



'I don't believe that buying a board should be a risky affair.


All my custom boards come with a performance guarantee. I'm only interested in building you a board that you absolutely love. 


If you feel that your board is not performing as good as you expected, I'll replace it for you or refund your money.'  


* Reasonable conditions apply.


Jim Banks

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