A more generous outline and low rocker gives this board improved glide in softer waves and makes this your fun ripper for small to medium size waves.


Looking for a wider board with a bigger footprint for smaller waves up to head high?


The Bigfoot is your performance board revised for smaller waves, featuring a wider plan shape with a reduced nose and tail lift for improved planing in smaller, softer waves.


The tail rocker also features a geared up single into double concave to give you that extra lift and acceleration throughout turns, while also maintaining speed throughout carves and quick direction changes.


This is my go to standard styled board for smaller days. With the standard 5 boxes you can ride it as a quad or thruster. For best results, ride this board in waves under head high.​

Hopefully the next available series of these will be sometime in 2019. Use the contact form below to get on the update list for series releases.

Sizes 5'10 - 6'4



'I don't believe that buying a board should be a risky affair.


All my custom boards come with a performance guarantee. I'm only interested in building you a board that you absolutely love. 


If you feel that your board is not performing as good as you expected, I'll replace it for you or refund your money.'  


* Reasonable conditions apply.


Jim Banks

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