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Zen Glide

This finely tuned limo is for smooth, stylish surfing in any size waves... whether it's effortless gliding thru the smaller days, or putting your foot down and feeling it take off when the ocean gets going.



CONCEPT - The Zen Glide concept is to have a board that surfs smoothly and stylishly in all size and types of waves.


OUTLINE - The outline combines a fuller nose with a retro style tail template that's still got plenty of area forward of the fins to keep it gliding, but pulls back in nice and tight behind the fins for the control when you need it.


ROCKER - A very smooth, low entry rocker is set up to keep you gliding on the smaller days and makes it easy to get in earlier on the bigger days.  The tail rocker has been carefully designed to give you easy turning in smaller waves but still provide the drive and control you need in larger, more powerful waves.


CONTOUR -The light single into double concave has been carefully blended with just the tiniest amount of vee to give you just the right amount of drive and ease of turning in any sort of waves.


RAILS - The rails are soft and forgiving, for easy surfing, but finely tapered to minimise drag in smaller, softer waves and provide smooth control and hold on larger faces.


VOLUME - The volume is all there to give you effortless glide in smaller softer waves and the paddle power you need for larger, more powerful waves. But while you've got ample volume to make life easy, it's all tucked away so that the board still looks and feels sleek and racy under your arm and more importantly, under your feet.


FINS - With the single and quad box set up, it's a highly versatile board that you can surf as a quad, single or a tri fin and get smooth, stylish performance out of it either way.


SUMMARY - The Zen Glide is a stylish, highly refined design that not only looks killer under your arm, but is a board that you can rely on to handle any sort of conditions. On smaller days it's really a sheep in wolves clothing, that will glide and turn effortlessly in smaller, softer waves. But when the swell really starts kicking, out comes the wolf... hungry and ready for whatever the ocean wants to throw at it.



'I don't believe that buying a board should be a risky affair.


All my custom boards come with a performance guarantee. I'm only interested in building you a board that you absolutely love. 


If you feel that your board is not performing as good as you expected, I'll replace it for you or refund your money.'  


* Reasonable conditions apply.


Jim Banks

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