Everyone who's ridden one of these agrees that this high speed racer is the fastest board they've ever surfed. Now with the new FLV bottom contour, it's weaving and gliding smoother and faster than ever.



Three boards... one purpose, fun in summer waves!


Not to be confused with 70's retro style designs, these state of the art, high performance twin keels surfing machines are nothing like them. As anyone who has ridden our modern twin keel designs will testify, not only do they have the drive and carve of a modern thruster, the speed and glide of these will leave a thruster dead in the water


However if you're looking for a more conventional board, here's our brand new summer fun model, the Sea Dart that surfs equally as well as a thruster or quad.  

Here's the latest test report on the 2 new twin keel models for this 2018 Limited Edition Summer Series.


Here's a quick video introducing the 2018 Limited Edition Summer Series. Three new designs, one purpose.... fun in summer waves. 

Here's an intro from the shaping room for the new summer fun 2018 Limited Edition Sea Dart thruster/quad hybrid model. This easy surfing summer hybrid shape performs really well as a thruster or a quad.



'I don't believe that buying a board should be a risky affair.


All my custom boards come with a performance guarantee. I'm only interested in building you a board that you absolutely love. 


If you feel that your board is not performing as good as you expected, I'll replace it for you or refund your money.'  


* Reasonable conditions apply.


Jim Banks

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