The well proven, super versatile, high speed skater now features the new FLV bottom contour.


Fly effortlessly across the tiniest, softest waves... or big open faces and long walls.


Or let it's super high, top speed pull you thru the craziest and deepest of barrels.


Widely agreed as the fastest board any of us have ever surfed, the Magic Carpet has now taken on a whole new level of performance with the Full Length Vee (FLV) bottom contour.

If you think the FLV is a rehash of the old 70's and 80's style vee bottoms, then think again. It is nothing like them at all, design wise, and especially performance wise.

WHAT IS FLV (Full Length Vee) ?

In the Magic Carpet configuration of the FLV, the bottom contour starts under the nose as a subtle spoon styled roll that splits into a concave vee as it moves down the board. The concaves intensify as they approach the fins and then transition into a rolled vee behind the fins.


The rolled entry under the nose, creates minimum resistance to the water flowing onto the nose, which improves the boards glide and forward trim.

As the roll then splits into the concave vee under the forward part of the of the board, this allows the board to sit easier on the face of the wave and improves rail to rail transitions.

Then as the concave intensifyies in the vee panels as it moves down towards the tail, it focuses the water towards each fin, generating the squirt and bite that gives the board it's acceleration and hold thru turns.


Also, because the concaves are sitting within a vee, the board sits easier up on its rail through the turns, as opposed to a single or double concave which tends to make boards sit flat in turns.

Behind the fins, the concave vee then transitions into a very subtle rolled vee out, allowing the water to get away easier, reducing drag making the board feel friendlier in the water and smoother thru turns.










The Magic Carpet FLV is the latest version of the already highly evolved and refined take on the original Steve Liz fish designs of the 70's.


The outline features a fuller template with a very even curve for building up and handling high speeds. The tail is slightly narrower than the usual fish designs to handle the speeds this board builds up. 


The board now features the new FLV bottom contour for extra glide, easier rail to rail transitions and yet still capable of tremendous speed and acceleration of the previous MC's.

The soft rails provide a smooth gliding feeling in all types of waves while the low profile reduces drag in smaller waves and provides improved control and holding at higher speeds.


The low entry rocker and very even tail rocker play a big part in this boards ability to generate it's higher speeds, smooth turning and excellent glide in softer waves.


The latest thickness foils have improved this boards already outstanding paddling power, overall under feet balance and it's already excellent planing ability in slower, softer waves. 


Twin keels

The Magic Carpet is high speed skateboard for all sorts of surf. If you’re looking for a board that will fly across nothing, make the tiniest waves a whole lot of fun, but still be very capable in more powerful and hollow waves up to almost double overhead, then we highly recommend this board.



When you're buying a custom Jim Banks Surfboard, you are tapping into Jim's 47 years of designing, building and testing surfboards.

There is an intuitive knowing that comes from decades of building surfboards for people, the sort of knowing that enables Jim to get it just right for customers time after time.

You know that feeling when you pick up a seriously good chef's knife or step into a really nice car? There's that impossible to ignore feeling of excellence. The sort of quality that's tricky to put into words, yet is as plainly obvious as the light of day.

Jim's boards have the same feeling.  When you take off and feel the board cutting thru the water, there it is, that feeling.

The feeling that you're riding something very special...


Jim's surfing at Cronulla's Shark Island, Hawaii's Pipeline and Sunset Beach in the 70's was revolutionary. When Jim won the Sunset Pro Class Trials at Hawaii's Sunset Beach in 1979, head judge Jack Shipley claimed that Jim's surfing had rewritten the book on backhand surfing.  


And then, when he turned his back on pro surfing and returned to pioneering many of Indonesia’s now world famous waves, he did all of it on boards that he shaped himself. So when you buy a Jim Banks board, you're not just buying any old surfboard, you're buying a piece of surfing's history. 



'I don't believe that buying a board should be a risky affair.


All my custom boards come with a performance guarantee. I'm only interested in building you a board that you absolutely love. 


If you feel that your board is not performing as good as you expected, I'll replace it for you or refund your money.'  


* Reasonable conditions apply.


Jim Banks

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