Ordering a Custom Board


Have a chat with Jim and draw upon his lifetime of knowledge and experience to design the ultimate board for yourself. With over 40 years of designing and building custom boards, Jim has become exceptionally good at identifying and interpreting customer needs.

Starting from an already proven design, Jim will redesign the board just for you, going over the finest details, meticulously modifying and refining it to suit your specifications. 


Once Jim has designed your dream board, the board will be built by the most experienced and highly skilled master craftsmen in the industry using only the highest quality materials.

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You'll see when you select a board's dimensions that the volume will also be displayed.




Lighter boards will provide a quicker response than heavier boards and of course are less durable. A heavier board will have slower response and be more durable, but at the same time will have more momentum which can feel pretty nice under the feet.


HI GLASS is a technique of increasing the ratio of fibreglass to resin so that the boards resistance to snapping is significantly increased without adding too much extra weight.  A Hi Glass board has about double the snap resistance of a conventional glass job, but the trade off is that the deck is not a s durable ad a standard weight glass job. In general you only need these for boards that are going to be surfing serious waves. Most of our fish designs already have substantial snap resistance due to their width and thickness. 

GlLASSED TO LAST is the classic 70's style glass job of a 6oz bottom and two layer of 6oz on the deck that I continued to use through the 80's for boards for serious waves. Hence it's name. 



FOAM SPRAYS are a method of applying colour by spraying paint onto the foam blank.  Foam sprays produce a very even colour and are an effective, lower cost method of getting colour onto a board. 

RESIN TINTS are a technique off adding colour by mixing the colour into the resin and then working that coloured resin into the fibreglass.  Resin tints require experienced laminators a great deal of skill and decades of experience to get right. They're lot more work, but they produce a rich depth of colour and because they are mixed by hand, no two resin tints are exactly the same. 

GLOSS & POLISH FINISHES are created by adding a fine layer of gloss resin to the top and bottom of the board that is then cut and buffed to a high glossy finish. Gloss coats will add weight to a board, and are an extra 2 -3 days in production, but the end result is a much more, durable long lasting  board. 



If you're not getting a submit confirmation from the form, then it's not submitting. Usually this is because one of the fields have been left blank.  Scroll back up through the form and the form will show you which one is missing.




You can get your board shipped anywhere in Australia. Just enter your address on the order form and we'll quote the shipping price for you.