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Originally designed for screaming through Indo barrels, the Indo Rocket surprised us all with just how well it surfed in small and soft beach breaks.

Powered by our FUTURE FORM bottom contour which allows a much wider bandwidth of turning response and a smoother drive than conventional concave bottoms. 

Which is why this has become the go to shredder board for our team riders.

But not only does the FUTURE FORM allow a vasty improved turning response than conventional concaves, it also allows very smooth rail to rail transitions which is k
iller for deep barrel riding... actually you probably won't find a better barrel rider than this board. 
Ride it in waves from waist high to double overhead, the same size as your standard shorty or up  to 6" or 8" longer.
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The 6'5" went really well. In fact it went unbelievably and i felt that I surfed the best that I ever have on this board. People were giving me a lot of compliments on my surfing. This is unquestionably the best board i've ever had, and i've had over 40. Made me want to charge like a madman as i had so much confidence in it


Indo Rocket

Indo Rocket

The Indo Rocket has been a pivotal board for our team riders here in Bali. It's been a board thats been continually pushing their surfing to another level. Quite a few times I've had the local crew ask me what Blacky or Max were riding because there had been such a noticeable jump in the level of their surfing.

Even Kelly himself has asked Max a few times what Max was riding.

And for me, this is the best confirmation of a boards performance, when it lifts a surfers performance level, or is noticeable by someone like Kelly.

And i think a really key aspect of this is that the Indo Rocket is just such an easy board to surf. This just invites better surfing, no matter what your level of surfing is.

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