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This high speed pocket rocket is a pure delight to surf.

All the speed and glide of a twin fin but with a level of control and drive that you would never expect from a twin fin.

Powered by our ground breaking FUTURE FORM bottom contour for buttery smooth rail to rail transitions and a solid, but easy response under the feet

The Magic Carpet is suitable for all sorts of waves from well overhead screaming barrels to knee high onshore mush. This board will handle all conditions with ease.

If you've never tried a twin fin, this is a great place to start. 
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“Hey Jim, I have a problem with the board you made me. It goes so good, I can’t stop surfing it!”



Magic Carpet

Magic Carpet

Last time i added up the numbers, it turned out that there's more more than 3500 hours and 17 years of design development under the hood of this much loved design.

The endless tweaking and refining has developed it into such a finely tuned, highly evolved design that just makes any surf fun. 

Which I
 think is something you can really feel when you surf it.

Personally i just love the flat out speed it can generate, the way it can turn on a dime in tight pockets or run long driving carves on big open faces.

There's only one problem we have with the Magic Carpet, and it's been a pretty consistent complaint from customers.... that once they get their Magic Carpet in the water, they stop riding all their other boards!