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The Sea Dart's lower entry rocker and fuller nose outline gives this board a lot of natural speed and glide.

But where the magic kicks in, is with it's very finely tuned tail rocker that produces a very quick response while still feeling smooth and comfortable under your feet.

Powered by our FUTURE FORM bottom contour, the Sea Dart can be ridden in larger waves but it's predominately an all round, daily rider for waves up to head high.

Great board for beachbreaks!

Ride it as a thruster or quad around the same size, or an inch or two shorter, than your standard high performance board.
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Sizes 6'8 - 7'6

Btw the sea dart is absolutely insane
Best board I’ve had in a while
Extremely fast and I’m yet to try it with the quad


Sea Dart

Sea Dart

A common response that I've been getting from our Sea Dart customers is that it's the best, or one of the best boards they've ever ridden.

Which is pretty interesting for a design that started life as a cruisey hybrid all rounder before it morphed into it's current form as a very dynamic and responsive board. 

One aspect of original concept was to create a short board that would surf equally as well as a quad as a thruster. A common problem with standard short board quads was a lack of drive. The solution was all in the placement of the rear quads, moving them a little closer to the rail and a little further back. 

Originally a swallowtail, which gives the board a lighter, looser feel and a little extra performance in softer waves, our team rider Max De Santis, pushed me to create a pintail version as well for a little extra drive and control in more powerful waves.