No More Limited Edition Series?

July 17, 2019

The original concept of the Limited Edition Series was to build small batches of very high quality boards, inspired by the latest developments of my designs.

We don’t make many boards, but a lot of time goes into each and every board. So the Ltd Ed Series were also about reducing our workload throughout the year by restricting orders to a small time frame. To allow us the space and time in between series releases to focus on developing new models as well as continue the refinement of existing models. 

But what we found with the Limited Edition Series was that sorting all the custom order details, chasing blank co's for custom glue ups, managing our high quality production standards, and wrangling with unwilling freight co's in a limited time frame, became a serious overload.

Then throw on top of this all the other business aspects, like getting images of the latest boards, taking care of the website, online marketing, social media posting and bringing everyone up to speed with what’s behind the latest versions, it all became just too much for us.

So we are going to try a new, more organic and hopefully a more relaxed approach, of just taking a limited number of orders per month, to keep our workload at a more comfortable level. My son, Harley will be taking on a lot of the business and production aspects so I can focus more on the ongoing development and refinement of my designs.

The big advantage for you guys is that you can now order any board at any time. And as long as our schedule is not fully booked and I haven't run off into the jungle, we will build your board the following month.






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