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The Ultra Glide is a smooth surfing, very versatile mid length style board.

The unique FUTURE FORM bottom contour provides buttery smooth rail to rail transitions that translate into easy turning and effortless gliding.

The finely tuned twin keel fin set up is the icing on the cake, giving maximum glide on the smaller days and rock solid control on bigger days.

Initially built from the highly refined Magic Carpet platform the Ultra Glide can be ridden as...


* 6'4 - 6'8" step up style twin

* 6'10" - 7'6" mid length cruiser

* 8'0" - 9'0" longboard

Suitable for any sort of waves from knee high to double overhead.

Future Form 3.png
2020 Colours2.png

"I'm loving the Ultra Glide. It's SO good!


Ultra Glide Uluwatu

Ultra Glide Uluwatu