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This finely tuned single fin will surf anything from soft waist high beachbreaks all the way through to double overhead screaming barrels.

Powered by our FUTURE FORM bottom contour for smooth rail to rail transitions and turns.

To get the most out of it, team it up with our JBS8.1 8" single fin. 

It's such a versatile board, you could pretty much take just one of these on a surf trip as your only board and be covered for almost anything.

Ride them anywhere from the same size as your regular shorty all the way up to 7'0"
The Wanderer white stroke.png
Future Form 3.png
2020 Colours2.png

I'm utterly in love with my 6'4 Wanderer.

It's the only board I surf anymore since I got it




After discovering just how much fun the Winged Pin was, i was really curious to see what sort of performance I could get from a classic pintail single fin.

The initial builds surfed nice, but it took a few goes to get it right as I was really starting from scratch. Some didn't have enough rocker, some had too much.

But eventually after about 4 different builds I found the just right rocker. Lots of drive and glide but still able to turn easily.

I made a 6'5 that I surfed all the way down to the tiniest days at Uluwatu and it performed well.

But then on the same board when the swell came up, a few of the crew were quite shocked when they realised that i was surfing double overhead, below sea level ledges on a 6'5 single fin. 

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