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Prices start from $995 AUD

Everybody who jumps on one of these is always surprised by how well this lively single fin surfs and to be honest, so were we!

We never imagined that a single fin could be so lively and responsive, especially in softer, slower waves.

The wider plan shape combined with the lower nose entry provides extra speed for skating around in smaller waves and softer, fatter sections. While the winged pin provides extra control in more critical manoeuvres and sections.

A refined tail rocker provides excellent control through the tail and our hybrid concave vee gives it a beautiful even and smooth response through turns and rail to rail transitions.

This board is a real joyride and the perfect single fin for waves from waist high to slightly overhead. ​
Ride it anywhere from 2 - 4" shorter or longer than your standard shorty. Features 10" single box. ​
Screenshot 2023-07-24 101309_edited.jpg
Screenshot 2023-07-24 101309_edited.jpg


Winged Pin

Winged Pin

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