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Free Set of Fins with the first 25 Flax Build Orders
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With more than 3500 hours and 15 years of design development behind it, the Magic Carpet is a high performance, highly refined, twin keel fish design. 

This incredibly versatile design has all the wonderful glide, speed and smooth response of a twin-fin with an exceptional level of control and drive, and none of the awkward skittishness that has made many surfers wary of twin-fin designs.

Featuring a highly evolved rocker that's undergone a decade and a half of fine tuning, and the Future Form, our unique hybrid concave vee bottom contour, this board provides a very smooth, even response under the feet that's capable of turning on a dime in tight pockets or producing long driving carves on big open faces.

You can surf this in anything from knee high mush to solid double overhead waves and pair it with a set of our handcrafted fins for the ultimate  level of performance.
Ride them the same size as your standard shorty or between 2" shorter and up to 6" longer. It’s up to you!
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The order forms below list our stock sizes and will calculate the build prices for you.

“Hey Jim, I have a problem with the board you made me. It goes so good, I can’t stop surfing it!”



Ride what Jim rides. High quality craftsmanship right from the source. Use the form below to calculate options. From A$995 including a colour

Quality builds as good as they get from Currumbin's Sun Glass. Use form below to calculate options. Price does not include shipping. From AUD1050

High quality builds from Costa Mesa's Pureglass team. Use form below to calculate options. Price does not include shipping. From USD950