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Who doesn't love the look of a classic twin keel fish?


But to be fair, some of them don't surf so good and can feel clumsy and awkward to surf.


Not this one! While the Pan Fried might look like a retro style twin keel board, under the hood it's powered by our FUTURE FORM bottom contour and packed with modern design features to give it a buttery smooth performance and response.

It’s a great board for making smaller, softer waves a whole lot of fun.

Ride it 4 to 6" shorter than your standard shorty.


Sizes 5'4 - 6'4

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The order forms below list our stock sizes and will calculate the build prices for you.

Hey Jim, stoked on the board! Have had some nice waves on it over Geger last few days. Super fast and holds in really well, even on some just over head sets it handled fine. Just glides across those fatter sections and able to link up some long rides out there. Super happy on it thanks!





Ride what Jim rides. High quality craftsmanship right from the source. Use the form below to calculate options. From A$995 including a colour

Quality builds as good as they get from Currumbin's Sun Glass. Use form below to calculate options. Price does not include shipping. From AUD1050

High quality builds from Costa Mesa's Pureglass team. Use form below to calculate options. Price does not include shipping. From USD950

The classic plan shape of the Pan Fried is heavily inspired by the original 70's Steve Lis fishes, but under the hood a modern, refined low rocker and the FUTURE FORM bottom contour allows the board to glide effortlessly across the smallest and softest waves, and turn on a dime when required.


Earlier versions featured a single into double concave but we found that the FUTURE FORM, our unique hybrid vee concave, produced a much improved glide and a smoother response under the feet. ​

We had a stock one lying around my house for ages, and all of us were so tempted to take it for a surf, ha! Eventually my son Harley cracked and grabbed it and now I can't get him off it. The board is only designed for smaller waves up to chest high, but he's been surfing it on well overhead, thick chunky days and swears by it. Go figure... ha!


Pan Fried vs. Magic Carpet
Jim Banks Surfboards

Pan Fried vs. Magic Carpet