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You can be a great surfer, but at some point you’re always going to need that board to take you to that next level.
Our Indo Rocket has been this sort of board for our team riders here in Bali. Over the last couple of years we've watched all of their surfing jump to a whole 'nother level when they started riding one of these.

A culmination of Jim's decades of exploring and pioneering Indonesia’s waves the Indo Rocket features a generous rocker combined with our unique hybrid concave vee to create a board that is fast, powerful and drivey... but with a very balanced response that lets you do pretty much whatever you want to do on a wave.  

One thing that really surprised us with this board, and will probably surprise you too, is just how well it surfs in smaller and softer waves. Making it a very versatile, all round board for a wide variety of conditions.

Looking to improve your surfing? This is a pretty good option.

Ride it anywhere from the same size as your standard shorty to 2  to 6" longer .
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The order forms below list our stock sizes and will calculate the build prices for you.

The 6'5" went really well. In fact it went unbelievably and i felt that I surfed the best that I ever have on this board. People were giving me a lot of compliments on my surfing. This is unquestionably the best board i've ever had, and i've had over 40. Made me want to charge like a madman as i had so much confidence in it





Ride what Jim rides. High quality craftsmanship right from the source. Use the form below to calculate options. From A$995 including a colour.

Quality builds as good as they get from Currumbin's Sun Glass. Use form below to calculate options. Price does not include shipping. From AUD1050

High quality builds from Costa Mesa's Pureglass team. Use form below to calculate options. Price does not include shipping. From USD950