Step up into the glide, paddle power and smooth response of our new mid length series of boards... the Ultra Glide, the Supa Glide and the 2+1.

The glide and response of a twin fin combined with the glide of a mid length for the ultimate glide

Sizes 6'8 - 7'6

Fins - Twin keel

A modern mid length board with a single fin and side bites for all sorts of fun in all sorts of waves.


Sizes 6'8 - 8'0

Fins - Single plus sidebites

A classic retro styled board with modern performace and response

Sizes 6'10" - 8'1

Fins - Single 


Jim's vast knowledge and experience of single fins goes all the way back to shaping and surfing them in the 70's. Enjoy a whole new level of single fin performance from these classic shapes, with modern design features. 

A lively single fin for a ton of fun in waves from knee high to slightly overhead


Sizes 5'6 - 6'4

Fins - Single

A classic and super versatile single fin for waves from waist high to well over head

Sizes 5'10 - 6'8

Fins - Single

A smooth gliding limo for stylish surfing in almost any type and size waves.

Sizes 6'10" - 8'0

Fins - Single and Quad 


There are very few surfboard builders who have our level of experience with the twin keel design. We've been building twin keels for 15 years now. Testing them in all sorts of waves, from knee high beach breaks to double over head Indo barrels, literally racking up thousands of hours of design work in the models that we now build.

A pure joy glider and puddle skimmer for those who like their fish short. 

Sizes 5'4 - 6'4

Fins - Twin

Modern rocker and a deep single concave provides thruster style control.

Sizes 5'4 - 6'6

Fins - Twin

This smooth hi speed glider is certainly the fastest board that any of us have surfed.

Sizes 5'4 - 6'10

Fins - Twin


Jim has spent most of his life pushing boards to their limits, and testing boards, often in the most dangerous and most challenging conditions he could find. And with more than 40 years of exploring Indonesia's playgrounds, who better to to build you a board for Indo?

Lightning fast off the mark and quick response for exciting surfing in any sort of waves.

Sizes 5'8 - 6'6

Fins - Quad or Thruster

Built for speed and barrels but still super responsive in smaller, softer waves.

Sizes 5'8 - 6'10

Fins - Quad or Thruster

Pretty hard to beat one of these finely  tuned machines when the ocean gets going.

Sizes 6'10" - 10"

Fins - Quad or Thruster