There are very few surfboard builders who have our level of experience with the twin keel design. 

A pure joy glider and puddle skimmer for those who like their fish short. 

Sizes 5'4 - 6'4

Fins - Twin

Modern rocker and a deep single concave provides thruster style control.

Sizes 5'4 - 6'6

Fins - Twin

This smooth hi speed glider is certainly the fastest board that any of us have surfed.

Sizes 5'4 - 6'10

Fins - Twin


Enjoy the ride, with the smooth response, paddle power and glide of our new mid length series of boards... 

The glide and response of a twin fin combined with the glide of a mid length for the ultimate glide

Sizes 6'8 - 7'6

Fins - Twin keel

A modern mid length board with a single fin and side bites for all sorts of fun in all sorts of waves.


Sizes 6'8 - 8'0

Fins - Single plus sidebites

A classic retro styled board with modern performace and response

Sizes 6'10" - 8'1

Fins - Single 


With more than 40 years of exploring Indonesia's wave laden coastline, who better to to build you a board for Indo?

Lightning fast off the mark and quick response for exciting surfing in any sort of waves.

Sizes 5'8 - 6'6

Fins - Quad or Thruster

Built for speed and barrels but still super responsive in smaller, softer waves.

Sizes 5'8 - 6'10

Fins - Quad or Thruster

Pretty hard to beat one of these finely  tuned machines when the ocean gets going.

Sizes 6'10" - 10"

Fins - Quad or Thruster


Jim's vast knowledge and experience of single fins goes all the way back to shaping and surfing them in the 70's

A lively single fin for a ton of fun in waves from knee high to slightly overhead


Sizes 5'6 - 6'4

Fins - Single

A classic and super versatile single fin for waves from waist high to well over head

Sizes 5'10 - 6'8

Fins - Single

A smooth gliding limo for stylish surfing in almost any type and size waves.

Sizes 6'10" - 8'0

Fins - Single and Quad 




Looking for the ultimate board from Jim?

Have Jim personally design you a custom board to your exact specifications