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Free Set of Fins with the first 25 Flax Build Orders

What do you get when you put twin keel fins on a mid length board?


An phenomenal amount of glide is what you get!


Blew us away, just how much to be honest - it's glide on steroids. But that wasn't the only surprise....


Another surprise was just how powerful and drivey it is in larger waves. This board is really solid and powerful under the feet, even in double overhead waves. No skittery twin fin action here at all.


The final surprise was just how responsive it is in smaller waves. Full roundhouse cutbacks in waist high waves - no probs at all!


If you feel like you looking for a really versatile board for all sorts of waves and to re-enthuse your surfing, the Ultra Glide is a great option.

You can ride these from 6'4 all the way up to 9'0.

Ultra Glide w outline.png
2020 Colours2.png

The order forms below list our stock sizes and will calculate the build prices for you.

Hey Jim, just a little note to let you know how much I love my board. I surfed Sharpe’s at Lennox this morning on it and had so much fun. It’s honestly the best board I’ve ever owned. It has the volume for me to get into waves but is also easy to duck dive and so shreddable. You are a wizard. Sooo much gratitude!





Ride what Jim rides. High quality craftsmanship right from the source. Use the form below to calculate options. From $A995 including a colour

Quality builds as good as they get from Currumbin's Sun Glass. Use form below to calculate options. Price does not include shipping. From AUD1050

High quality builds from Costa Mesa's Pureglass team. Use form below to calculate options. Price does not include shipping. From USD950