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Two plus... our highly popular mid length style board as a twin fin.


Right when we started making these as single fins with side bites, i was already thinking how much better it would go as a twin.


And so here it is! I've tested it out in a variety of waves from barrels to mush and it handles everything with ease.

With the twin fin set up it's definitely more lively and more responsive than the 2+1's 

Of course, our unique hybrid concave vee FUTURE FORM bottom contour is the icing on the cake, allowing beautifully smooth rail to rail transitions and a boosted glide from the more dynamic water flow that it creates.


The 2+, fun surfing in almost any kind of surf. Surf it anywhere from 6'6" - 8'0"

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The order forms below list our stock sizes and will calculate the build prices for you.