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If you're ever considering taking a one board surf trip, this board would be a serious contender. .
Featuring a smooth even rocker, a low soft rail, with a sleek plane shape and pulled in tail, this is a serious high performance, smooth response single fin that will do exactly what you want it to do.

Now with our unique hybrid concave vee bottom contour, this board turns on a dime in the smaller stuff and screams through chunky double overhead barrels without missing a beat.

You could seriously go on a surf trip with one of these and be covered for everything from waist high to double overhead.
Ride it anywhere from the same size as your standard shorty all the way up to 7'0". Comes standard with 10" single box.
The Wanderer white stroke.png
Future Form 3.png

From $1250

2024 Colours.png

The order forms below list our stock sizes and will calculate the build prices for you.

Hi Jim! Have been trying the Wanderer here in Nihiwatu. So good!! I love this board! Thanks a lot!!




Ride what Jim rides. High quality craftsmanship right from the source. Use the form below to calculate options. From A$1145

Quality builds as good as they get from Currumbin's Sun Glass. Use form below to calculate options and final price. From AUD1250

High quality builds from Costa Mesa, Cornwall and Portugal. Use form below to calculate options. From USD1250. Prices do not include shipping.




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Looking for the ultimate board from Jim?

Have Jim personally design you a custom board to your exact specifications

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