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A lively and responsive single fin, especially in softer, slower waves.

The wider plan shape combined with the lower nose entry provides extra speed for skating around in smaller waves and softer, fatter sections. While the winged pin provides extra control in more critical manoeuvres and sections.

Powered by our FUTURE FORM bottom contour for smooth rail to rail transitions and an even response through turns.

Ride it in all sorts of waves from waist high to slightly overhead. ​
And anywhere from 2 - 4" shorter or longer than your standard shorty. 
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Future Form 3.png
Winged Pin

Winged Pin

Initially we built these as quads and just added the single finbox as an afterthought. But once i tried it as a single fin, the quads never went back in, ha!

It just surfed so nice as a single fin in everything from soft, waist high peelers to well overhead walls. 

I was really surprised just how well it surfed in such a wide variety of waves. 

And now with the FUTURE FORM contour it's even better. 

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