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Hey everybody! We hope you're liking the new site. If you'd like to keep in the loop with site updates and have access to the crew only deals, etc. there is a sign up format the bottom of every page where you can submit your email to join the crew and we'll keep you posted on...

Notes from the Lost Diaries

Snippets, stories, insights and anecdotes from Jim's lifetime of building surfboards and chasing down the best waves he can find.


The latest on new models, design insights, overviews and tips, advice on choosing your boards and setting up your personal quiver plus the latest feed from the shaping room where Jim discuss's shaping and design aspects while in the process of shaping the board

Crew only specials

First option on 2nd hand boards, discounted on stock boards, Limited Edition Series boards as well as special crew only discounts on shop items and Limited Edition crew only items.

Fresh items in the shop

We're big fans of quality and so we're looking forward to adding a cool selection of t- shirts, shorts, hats and accessories to our online shop.

We're big on loyalty and want to look after our crew and so we'll be making sure that you're continually getting benefits to make it worthwhile to be part of the crew. And of course, if it;s not for you, you can one click unsubscribe or manage the frequency of the emails.


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