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The blue 7'3"...

Blue 7’3

I shaped this one for myself last year and first surfed it at an outer reef east of Bali. The tide was actually a bit full and the swell wasn't quite big enough for the wave to really stand up and do it’s thing, but i clearly remember on my first decent wave with how effortlessly this board covered distances as it glided from section to section. I get to surf a lot of longer boards these days, but this one really surprised me with how much more glide it had compared to previous boards

The tide completely filled the wave up pretty quickly, so I paddled down into the bay and picked up a smaller wave on the inside reef to bring me back to the boat. By the time i got down near the end of the wave, once again this board surprised me with how easily it was letting me cut back and come back around off the whitewater, on a wave that was probably only waist high. It was surfing like a board that was a foot shorter.

A very interesting board in that it had both extra glide and ease of turning. Usually I’ll get one or the other, but not both. To this day, I still have not found a wave that can keep up with this board. It will effortlessly outrun anything put in it's path.

Funny thing is, Tom Carroll was just here recently for a couple of solid days at Uluwatu and stopped by to say hi. Naturally he was curious to check my boards and out of all my boards, this was the one he was most interested in. He was really keen to ride this board, but unfortunately we never quite got it organised for Tom to surf it, but i thought it was interesting how out all of my boards, he was drawn to this one.

Anyway, I've got some more ideas i want to try, so this board’s now on our pre loved customs page waiting for it's new owner. If you think that might be you, here's the link...

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