Choosing Your Twin Fin Update




As most of you probably already know, getting your fins right can mean the difference between your board going insane or not working for you at all. And with such a wide selection of twin keel fins available these days, there's fantastic opportunity to get your twin keel fish dialled. Also, because my boards are very finely tuned, they will be very responsive to different style fins.

Sometimes it can be a little frustrating to find just the right fin. But when you do and your board is purring like a well tuned Italian sportscar, the effort is well worth it. To keep it really simple, if your board is feeling a bit unresponsive and resistant to turns, try a smaller fin. If the tail is drifting too much through turns or letting go, try a larger fin.

Below is a selection of fins that will work well with my current Twin Keel designs.

Here's our brand new, beautifully handcrafted right here in Bali, K1 fin. Similar to the Futures K2, our smallest keel fin is built for 60 - 75kg surfers or for surfers who like to feel a bit more let go and drift in their turns.


Base : 6.125"

Depth : 4.875"

Area : 21"


Suits surfers : 60 - 75 kg



Our brand new, beautifully handcrafted right here in Bali, K2 fin. Similar to the Futures K1, Machado and Merrick keels, our medium size keel fin is extremely versatile and can suit surfers anywhere from 70kg - 100kg depending on the amount of drift or drive you're chasing. 


Base : 6.5"

Depth : 5"

Area : 23.75"


Suits surfers 70 - 100 kg




This is our big daddy keel, the K3, my personal favourite for solid drivey surfing. Built for surfers 90 kg and up, these are beautifully handcrafted right here in Bali. The K3 is similar to the Tru Ames Hobie Fish keel. 


Base : 7"

Depth : 5.25"

Area : 25.5"


Suits surfers 90 - 110 kg





Futures K2

At just 22.5" in area, this fin is substantially smaller than any of the other fins and probably not really suitable in my twin keels for surfers over 70kg.





Futures Rasta


At 24.5" this fin is most suitable for surfers 85 kg or less. Note that it has an inside foil that produces extra drive which can prove tricky at times as my twin keels already have a lot of inbuilt drive. 




Tru Ames Danny Hess Noriega


While the Tru Ames site says that it's area is 24.5", I measure it at 22", making it more suitable for surfers 85 kg or less. Note that smaller fins will allow the tail to bust out easier if that's your thing. 



Futures Rob Machado


The new one from Rob Machado, with an area of 25.4", this is a nice mid sized fin that will suit a lot of surfers anywhere from 75 kg - 105 kg, depending on how you want your board to feel. It has the same area as the old K1 which was a very versatile fin and worked for a lot of different sized surfers. 



Futures Al Merrick


This new one from Al Merrick, is a nice mid sized fin. Very similar in size to the Machado with an area of 25.45" but with an increased rake which will make it less pivotable less pivotal and produce more drive in longer turns than the Machado. This fin will suit a lot of surfers anywhere from 75 kg - 105 kg. It has the same area as the old K1 which was a very versatile fin and worked for a lot of different sized surfers. 



Tru Ames Hobie Fish


The largest keel fin in this selection, at 26" in area, this fin more suited for larger surfers 90kg plus or surfers who are looking for extra drive. This is the fin I use and that I really like. I'm 105kgs.




Please Don't Use These!


This is your classic MR 70's style twin. My boards are not designed for these sort of fins and you'll be missing out on a lot of the performance potential of my twin keel designs if you use a fin like this. My boards are designed around the keel fin and really need the keels to complete the design.





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'I don't believe that buying a board should be a risky affair.


All my custom boards come with a performance guarantee. I'm only interested in building you a board that you absolutely love. 


If you feel that your board is not performing as good as you expected, I'll replace it for you or refund your money.'  


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Jim Banks

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