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And the Magic Carpet absolutely flew ... it was almost like the board was reacting to the power of the 20 sec period in the swell and saying ‘now that’s what I’m really looking for’. An amazing experience. DAVE S

So said best board I have ever ridden! CHRIS G

I haven't stopped raving to my mates how good my new board is, small, sloppy clean, bigger, fat, slow, almost anything it surfs great.It keeps surprising me in different conditions with what it will do, super smooth and i love the way it turns.Rest assured it will be well used. You are a master craftsmen! DAVE G

the board goes fact amazing. Took it for a surf at impossibles and i could not believe how good it was. Paddled into the waves incredibly easy and then just flew like a rocket ship! It made it around sections with ease that i would never make it around before on a normal board and it was also extremely manoeuvrable. I knew instantly after the first wave that this was going to be a gem of a board. Don’t think i will be going back to my other boards anytime soon. Was starting to loose interest in surfing now the has totally reinvigorated the stoke. Can’t wait for my next surf on it. ALESSIO C

The orange 6'1 magic carpet you shaped for me handles everything from 2 foot to 7 foot with absolute control and speed. So far I have pushed it past 30 kmh. JAMES S

Jim, thank you for Magic Carpet magic, from one to six foot it flies. Great shooter. JAMES

Hi Jim, Finally got to surf my new custom 6"6 twin fin,u shaped me a while back. Very happy, the board goes insane, just got to get used to the extra speed compared to my old 6"2. Cheers TODD H

The fish goes amazing its definitely the best board i have in my quiver. BRENTON B

Huge thanks for the Fish that you made for me, I have been riding it all summer, up and down the east coast from Broken to Green Island to Tathra, and have never enjoyed my surfing so much, only problem is that none of my other boards ever get used any more, I am addicted to it! It is a beautiful, functional object. MICHAEL M




"Oh had a surf this morning, this fish was ripping!!!" GLEN M

I want to say that my JB fish is one of the best boards I've owned. DAVID J

Just wanted to let you know...the board goes sick! As soon as the waves get good it makes you just want to go surfing and every time I ride it I am surprised by how fast it is and how much energy it has through turns. MATT S

Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know the MKIV is still getting me barrelled. I’ve had more tubes on that board than any other in West Oz, Fiji, Tahiti, Maldives, and had cracker seasons up bluff last couple years. Thanks for designing such a good board for tubes, it’s opened eyes in many places. Triple overhead barrels have been ridden on this board. JARRAD B

Been lookin at one of your fishes for a couple of weeks.  Finally came up with the bucks and gotta say, it goes unreal.  What surprises me was how well it holds in on bigger surf.  Mate, the stoke is back and I'm amping like a grom waiting for another swell. Tim F

Just got back from Indo. Took the new 6’2” fish with me and I’m so glad I did. So fast and and in control in the pocket and turned with ease and style on the shoulder. Great Fun... we surfed Impossibles from 4 to 8 foot and the fish loved the big walls and racy sections. Easy take offs got me going early and the speed the board generate got me around so many sections I would not usually make. It loved going from top to bottom with big stylish turns. I got so many waves all the crew were asking me about the board. NICK R

I was going to write to you today and tell you how great the board is that I got off you. Its awesome, had my first surf on it the other day at south point as was really impressed and then today at Margaret's. It was all time. It sure is fast like you said and i was trying all kind of things to slow down. Was great fun. MIKE B

Hey Jim. Loving the glide power and speed of my MKV. Several surfs now in varied conditions. Shines in quality. ROSCOE

Forgot to write you regarding the fish – it looks sick, rips and has been ridden by more than 15 people who claim the same. PHIL M

My MKIV went as good as it looked, awesome. Maldives, 7 days, 2 surfs a day, 2-5 foot. at no point an opportunity to do a cutback, never been so fast down the line, RICHY D  




Need feedback....




Need feedback....





"I rode my custom 7.6 Zen Glide at G Land earlier in November. Swell was between 5-8 ft. I’ve got to say it’s the best Indo gun I’ve ridden. Smooth as." - MARK L


Had another amazing session of a left hander reef today....I love the Zen Glide as a QUAD...  is such a gem of a board...At 47 liters, I can seat deeper, catch any wave I want; paddle back and do it again, and again...till my arms almost fall out. F...n champ of a board man !!! JABER B

Jim, I have to tell ya, that purple/aqua 7'6'' you shaped for me is fecken flying man! It's honestly the fastest board I have ever ridden. Really stoked! Do you freight boards overseas? I will have to get a quiver of them, just in case you depart the mortal coil without notice for awhile. MURPH





I am sooo beyond impressed with the board. I can’t wait to see 6ft waves again very soon to make it come alive. It goes like a dream. CHRIS B

G'day Jim, I've been riding the rocket in all kinds of surf and i just cant believe it!! It's the perfect board I've been searching for, for yrs!! So much drive and fast, unreal to feels like a short board but just so much better to ride...I'm shocked Jim!!! thank you so much!!! BRAD H

High tide 10 foot plus peaks 8 foot walls. Add Jim banks 6'8" rounded pin equals the best three days of surfing I have had in a long, long time.Fuggin hell man your boards are good. PHIL G

6'5" Went really well. In fact it went unbelievably and i felt that i surfed the best that i ever have on this board. People were giving me a lot of
compliments on my surfing. This is unquestionably the best board i've ever had (and i've had over 40). SHERMAN C


Just wanted to thank you for the new 6’4” Indo Rocket you shaped me... I surfed everyday from Ullus to Kuta Reef, in waves waste high to double overhead.... in all those surfs my sessions just got better and better the more I rode that board and the more I pushed it. ....The FLV bottom contour is noticeably better after you get your head around what it actually allows you to do.... letting me alter the arc during my turns ... The other thing I was also impressed with was how well it came off the top ridden as a quad. First board I’ve had that allows me to snap off the top or tight in the pocket as a quad and come out with an enormous amount of speed. I could keep raving but I won’t. DARRIN T

When I took delivery of my new Indo Rocket I could tell there was a chance I'd be pretty happy .... in actual fact I was wrong. When I got the board in the water " I was blown away" The latest design refinements have turned this board into a ridiculously good board. At the end of the first wave I had a "OMG moment" you only get with something special. The board is insanely fast and yet totally in control. Whether going rail to rail, projecting in and out of turns or setting the board on trim could only be described as a "teflon smooth" effortless experience. WALTER T

Just want to pass on my appreciation for such a wonderful surfboard (6’5 Indo Rocket). I had to wait a few weeks before a semi decent swell arrived but when one did o’boy did I have an awesome session. Waves were maybe six foot, gun-barrelly and fast. The board is not only very quick from take-off but also very stable. It is very much a confidence inspiring board. Paddling onto waves, a dream. I adore it. ARNO M

The Indo Rocket goes as well as it looks.  It ate up the clean, fast walls, came off the top amazingly and when laid on rail for a cutty, tore the face apart. I rode it as a thruster the first day and quad the second and enjoyed both equally. You know that feeling when you get a board like this?, it just feels special from the very first drop. They don't come along too often but thanks to yourself, I've got one in the quiver waiting. NATHAN N

Goes good at inside Lennox. The hollower it gets the better it feels. Very fast. Wont slide out when you don't want it to. Holds on when things get crazy. Makes sections. All good. The speed it creates doing an arc is awesome. (Which Im sure is no surprise to you having called it the indo rocket). If I didnt sit at a desk all week and did more exercise I could crank the biggest cutties and turns on it on a consistent basis. As it is I can get a few in before I get all jelly legged. Ill keep working on that. Thanks for bringing the buzz back. MATT S

I just want to thank you once again for shaping me a great board - it makes such a difference. I had trouble getting it back off one of my mates after he rode it! GERARD B



It's a 7'6" gun with a purple deck, would be one of the best surfboards I have ever owned in 46 years of surfing! You are a whiz! CLIVE R

Rode the 6'10" HTR. Surfs AMAZING! I'd have to say one those "magic" boards for me - stoked - couldn't sleep I was that pumped! GEOFF W

Both boards went great . The 7’3 I covered a wave from the tower at money trees all the way through speedies to the boat channel . Solid 8 fter that just kept going . Couple barrel sections . Amazing Board. CHRIS G


Your 7'3" of the same dimensions that I got off you last year has been a breakthrough board for me too. Giving it a run a double overhead Lances Left was a dream for a goofy foot like me, I couldn't believe the control it had, and that I was driving a 7'3" top to bottom on waves that size and coming out of the lip.nSince having it back here in Torquay I've had it out at Winki and Bells a few times up to 8ft. I was amazed the confidence I had on the board. Was so great to be drawing steeper, tighter lines in waves with size. CHAD F

7'6" performs like a dream, like stepping into a Lamborghini! Haven't had it anything bigger than head high yet, but amazed how well it surfs down in the smaller stuff. WAYNE S

I’ve been using my new HTR at Mainbreak and Ellenbrook Bombie a bit , and farout it is fast and holds really well . Cant wait to run it at the Bluff and Gnaraloo . CHRIS C

Just thought I'd let you know got the 7'0" in some solid clean Southcoast joy a few weeks ago and it was special. I wanted it specifically for Indo but it rocks South Coast WA as well. Cheers for making Majic!

The board is almost seems like it flows above the water is so silky smooth in its glide. It has that wonderful combination of high speed and holding power combined with the loose freedom to carve turns. PETER E

Took my 7 "6" HTR to Macaronis, I was the oldest guy out there. The board was a dream. Can't remember falling off actually. PETER L




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