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FLV Zen Glide Report

Just had a killer surf on this very first FLV Zen Glide. As i suspected, the Full Length Vee suited the board beautifully, and making this smooth gliding machine totally at home on both the double overhead sets and the waist high dribblers. This one is 7'2 x 20 3/4 x 2 3/4 with a 8 1/4" flex style fin, set 8 1/4" up from the tail. ON THE FACE - The board was very stable on the drops, with the full length vee providing a nice stability on the later and steeper takeoffs. At first, the board definitely felt a touch slower than a multi fin board, which was to be expected. But actually I think it was more of a case of me learning to tune in to the single fin, because on my last wave, the board was absolutely flying in the pocket, and I felt like I barely had my foot on the throttle. BOTTOM TURN - Usually when i come off multi fin boards onto a single, it will take me a couple of waves to get my single fin bottom turns sorted. But not with this one. The board was rock solid off the very first bottom turn and projected nicely up onto the open faces. TOP TURNS, CUTBACKS ETC - Out on the shoulder the board responded very easily in turns and cutbacks were a breeze. I also rode a couple of waves all the way down the feef until they were just waist high dribblers, to see how it would handle the smaller waves. No probs at all, the board still turned and glided beautifully even on the softest waves, with the Full length Vee allowing the board to make smooth and easy rail to rail transitions. CONCLUSION - Just as I expected, the FLV suits the Zen Glide model beautifully, improving the glide and ease of handling, and just overall giving the board a very nice smooth, responsive feeling under the feet. Hope to get some video of it the next few days, so you can see what it does. We usually build these with the 4 quad boxes so you can tap into the killer quad performance of these, but I just wanted this one to be a dedicated single fin and I'm really happy with it.

So if you're looking for a smooth gliding, king of the point limo, that will have you styling in waves from waist high to double or even triple overhead, head over to the site and get your order in. Prices and options are all listed on the order form. We can build them from 7' up to 9', and dial in whatever volume you need. But we're only going to build 12 of them this year and orders close September 14th, so don't miss out!

See yas!

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