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Summer Series Twin Keels

We've been putting both the new twin keel models for this summer series, the FLV Magic Carpet and the latest version of the MK series through their paces in some softer, small to medium sized waves up in West Bali. We brought two versions of the FLV Magic Carpet with us. One with the standard rocker and one with the drivier rocker.

With the FLV, the board has a beautiful feel under the feet, with the FLV providing very smooth rail to rail transitions and improved glide, sitting much nicer through both shorter and longer turns than a standard concave bottom. We found that for all round performance, the standard FLV rocker gave the best results, to the point that both of us didn’t want to get off the standard FLV rocker board. The drivier rocker board is fantastic in larger, more powerful waves, but for the smaller to medium sized waves, the standard rocker gave a smoother response.

The performance of the MKV was a real surprise. Over the last 12 months I have been trying different configurations of the MK series, drawing one some of the design aspects of the MKII and MKIII series, based on customer feedback. Some of the earlier attempts were a tragedy and were probably the worst performing twin keels I have ever built. So after much study of the design and a lot of thinking about it, I made a stack of changes, starting with a lighter concave running out into a vee behind the fins. I also increased the nose lift a touch and spent a lot of time adjusting the rocker curve of the rail line around the front edge of the fin. Finally it's all come together in a board thats exceeded my expectations. This board hits the ball right out of the park. Not only does it have the killer, swoop and glide of a twin keel fish, it also has the ability to perform thruster style, mid face, tight in the pocket turns with control and hold very similar to a thruster. This board really is a next level twin keel fish that outstrips all previous versions of the MK series.

If you’re looking for longer swooping turns and smooth rail to rail transitions, go the the new FLV Magic Carpet. If you’re looking for tighter, in the pocket turns, but still with the classic twin keel glide, go the MKV.

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