Indo Quivers

April 25, 2019

Indo Quivers

It's that time of year... Indo season! And it's kicked in with a bang this year. We're currently getting back to back swells right now, which has been great for putting the latest versions of the Indo Rocket and Hit the Road designs through their paces.

I get a lot of crew asking me for recommendations for their Indo Quiver, so here's my take on a 3 board Indo quiver...

Board #1 - Would be a Magic Carpet for anything from knee high up to double over head, or if you're not fully up to speed with the twin keels, and still riding thrusters a lot, then the concave bottom MKV twin keel.

Board #2 - An Indo Rocket for waves from chest high up to double overhead. And while the Indo Rocket will carve and drive its way through the more solid days, all the way up to double overhead, with quad fins it's still an extremely lively and responsive board even in softer, waist to chest high waves, making it a very versatile board.

Board #3 - A HTR quad between for anything overhead. And while the HTR's are a very reliable board for double overhead plus, they will still perform very nicely all the way down to head high waves. 

Feeling inspired to make a soul surfing statement and travel 70's style with just one board? Here's what I'd bring...

Option #1 - Of course my first choice would be a Magic Carpet, because it's such an incredibly versatile shape that can handle pretty much anything, whether it's knee hi mush or double overhead barrels.

Option #2 - For going true 70's style, it would be pretty hard to go past a single fin Wanderer. Put the fin way forward for the tiny days and then just inch it back as the waves get bigger and /or hollower.

Option #3 - A Zen Glide for stylishly cruising and gliding on the smaller days, and then when the ocean gets going, be totally in control all the way up to double overhead... or even more if you're up for it. 

Taking orders for Indo Quivers now. Order book closes April 30.


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