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Getting it Right

As primarily a custom surfboard designer and a shaper, the most important thing to me when I build someone's board is getting it right. When someone orders a board from me, I always feel that great responsibility has been given to me, and so I take it very seriously to make sure that I get their board right for them. Because as a surfer, I know exactly what it feels like when my board is not performing as good as I expect it to. Not only do I not enjoy my surf as much as I'd like to, it also means that I'm not surfing as well as I could be, because my board is limiting me. And that's part of the deal that I have to wear as a surfboard designer. The process of getting it right. There are many times when I could be surfing a board that I know and having an incredible, inspiring surf, but instead I'm struggling with a board that's just not quite performing how I want it to. And nine times out of ten, it's the smallest thing that's making the board not right for me. Maybe the tail rocker needs 0.5 or 1mm of adjustment, maybe the concave or vee needs to be just 0.5mm deeper or shallower, or maybe the board just needs slightly different fins. So when I'm designing a custom board for a customer, I want to make sure that I get it right for them. That I take one of my well tested designs and customise it just for them. So the end result is that I build them a board to make it easier for them to surf better and enjoy their surfing more.

Because at the end of the day, when I build someone a board that's going to make surfing more enjoyable for them... I've done my job.

If this is something you're after head over to the order form. Order book closes this Tuesday.

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