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Go the Magic Carpet or a MKV?

The Magic Carpet Or the MKV?

The Magic Carpet or MKV? I love both boards equally and do swap them out constantly, they are very similar when it comes to glide, speed and stability. However when it comes to response there's some slight differences.⁣ The Magic Carpet has the smoother response of the FLV that allows the board to sit up on its rail more and glide marginally better on open faces. The MKV still goes like a bat out of hell with fantastic glide but has a bit more of an immediate response from it’s single concave.⁣

The more immediate response of MKV’s concave also makes it very at home in tighter hollower waves, feeling very similar to a concave quad or thruster. If you’re coming off a concave shortboard or it’s your go too board, this response married with the drive spot being right between your feet will have you clicking with this board very easily.⁣

In saying that, the FLV has its own thing going on. The feeling off the FLV transition and speed you get as you roll the FLV over on it’s rail is something else. Although both go insane on a big open faces, you'll find the Magic carpet has a slightly higher top speed when you really push them... not that it needs it!⁣ ha!⁣

At the end of the day both boards are amazing to surf with a glide and hold that makes them very easy to ride. No matter whether it's knee high mush or big solid faces. So if your looking for quick response and a more concave thruster/quad feel, go for the MKV. However if you’re looking for a slight smoother surfing board and like the sound of getting a board up on it’s rail, the Magic Carpet with the FLV is a feeling that’s pretty addictive.⁣

⁣The magic carpet recently got reviewed by a big board distributor in UK, check out their thoughts below.

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